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Tune Up

Posted by info | | Monday 25 April 2016 9:05 pm

Resume Tune-Up Service

The Resume Tune-Up service is perfect for professionals making updates to their job search.  A Tune-Up is the right match for you if you have an existing resume but you’re looking for more bites from potential employers.

Why chose the Tune-Up Service?

The Resume Tune-Up services is where the writers will personally speak with you to determine the factors to highlight in your background and experience to help employers see you as the best person for the job.  From formatting and appearance, background development, to language,   the writers ensure that you are placed in the best light possible.   Resume Tune-Ups have been the difference in winning the interview or having your resume placed in the “rejected” pile.

Resume Service List

Tune-Up Resume
Item: 1007
Price: $89

Resume Tune-Up

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